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Services provided by Aérométal

Laboratory- sampling process puce-rouge Analysis:

Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) is used for identifying and analysing materials, giving reliable measurements, reproducible over time. Our clients receive «Test report» analysis certificates that are clear and easy to interpret. AEROMETAL’s laboratory’s results undergo intra- and inter-laboratory verification.

Plasma cuttingpuce-rougeCutting/Sawing

 Material is prepared in accordance with customer specifications taking into account the size of furnace doors. Each case is studied in conjunction with the customer, according to requirements.

Mutilated partspuce-rouge Destruction/Mutilation:

 Strategic parts are destroyed individually by plasma arc cutting, with a destruction certificate being provided for each batch.

Oily turnings crushingpuce-rouge Crushing/Chips before and after degreased process

Chip processing.

 X-ray analysispuce-rouge Sorting:

Individual, by fluorescence x-ray tube.

Shotblast cleaningpuce-rougeShotblast cleaning :

Cleaning of the used parts. (before/after).


Safety and the environment:

The whole site undergoes surveillance, performed by an APSAD-certified company.