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Aérométal’s expertise:

A highly-qualified team to recycle and reclaim manufacturing offcuts from cutting edge sectors such as the aircraft, medical or nuclear industry, working mainly with materials such as Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Cobalt and Titanium.


Audit in your production site to:
– optimise recycling,
– give new value to your manufacturing waste, offcuts and chips.

We provide containers suited to the size of each company, reacting promptly to requests for removal, and providing rapid container returns. Reliable 24 to 72 hour lead times, throughout France and neighbouring countries.

Each material is precisely identified using non-destructive analysis techniques, to ensure optimum reclamation value.

Value assigned guaranteed (LME rates applied).

Waste traceability in accordance with EN 9100.

Safety and the environment:

Containers removed by our drivers and hauliers officially approved for the transport of machining waste.

Chip cleaning and reprocessing facility.